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Rare video of summary execution in Iraq surfaces in Iran

A video showing the apparent execution of a suspected jihadist by Iraqi Army troops has surfaced on social media in Iran.

Our Observer explains that while such videos are often posted by Shiite militias fighting alongside the army, it’s rare to see an execution video filmed by soldiers of the regular army.

The video was posted December 6 on Aparat, a popular video-sharing site in Iran (where YouTube is blocked). The caption reads in Persian: “Execution of an IS bomber: A soldier asks his commander to avenge his brother’s death and the commander says yes.”

The 47-second video shows a group of men in uniform with insignia of the Iraqi Army standing over a young man with his hands tied behind his back. One soldier puts his boot on the man’s face, as the others discuss in Arabic what to do with him.

Then a soldier is heard asking his commander, “I want to avenge the death of my brother.” He pulls the man to his feet, walks him to the edge of the road and down a bank out of view of the camera. A burst of six shots is heard, then five more.

Initially published on France24 on 12/23/2016
Read the full story here.

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