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Russia uses fake images to claim US is helping IS group

The Russian Ministry of Defence has tried very hard to prove that the United States is collaborating with the so-called Islamic State by publishing fake images and even screenshots from video games. On November 14, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced that on November 9, Russian drones had spotted dozens of IS group vehicles in Abu Kamal in Syria, which were retreating towards a region under the control of the Global Coalition. Russia suggested to the US that they destroy the vehicles together, and the US not only refused this offer, but also gave the vehicles safe passage to the “No Fly Zone”, meaning that Russian aeroplanes were not able to strike the terrorists. The IS group militants then apparently changed their flags to those of the Free Syrian Army. To prove this, they published four photos of what they say is a column of IS group vehicles retreating toward a region held under control by US-backed forces in Syria.

Initially published on France24 on 11/14/2017
Read the full story here.


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