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Video: Shiite militias use same brutal tactics as Islamic State

A disturbing video filmed by soldiers fighting for the Kurdish Peshmerga reveals gruesome tactics used by Shiite militias battling to push Islamic State jihadists out of Iraq. The pictures show the beheaded corpses of two IS fighters being dragged on the ground by a vehicle.

The video was reportedly filmed more than two months ago, as a makeshift coalition of Peshmerga forces and Shiite groups battled to wrest the town of Amerli from the hands of extremists. Islamic State has sown terror amongst its enemies by deliberately nurturing a reputation for carrying out brutal atrocities. Yet this video appears to show that some of the group’s Shiite adversaries resort to the same cruel tactics.

The voices in the video translate from Kurdish as follows:
-Oh my god they beheaded them?
-You didn’t see? The heads were on the [inaudible]
-They have been already beheaded?
-Yes, they said that they had captured six of them and would behead them

The video shows two twisted, headless corpses being dragged by a vehicle down a dusty road. Two flags appear to be attached to the jeep, both of which belong to Shiite groups fighting the Islamic State group. The green flag represents the Badr Brigade, a paramilitary outfit reportedly under the control of the Iraqi Transport Minister. The bright yellow flag belongs to a Shiite militia feared for its bloody, brutal tactics: Saraya al-Khorasani. Another video – too gruesome to show here – uploaded to YouTube appears to show the one of the men – though already dead – being beheaded by possibly the same group of militants.

Initially published on France24 on 12/30/2014
Read the full story here.

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