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No, Iran’s ex-president Ahmadinejad is not a shepherd

Since mid-August, a mysterious photo of former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaning on a rustic walking stick has been widely shared on social media in Turkey – with captions saying he’s spending his retirement herding sheep in his village. It is not true: in fact Ahmadinejad is still in Tehran, still involved in politics, and facing multiple allegations of corruption. The photograph shows Ahmadinejad in a forested area, in a padded jacket, with a stout stick in his hands. The photo has been published by a Twitter account with 2.2 million followers, an Instagram page with 1.6 million followers, and dozens of Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of followers between them. This Facebook page on August 14 published an undated photograph showing former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The caption in Turkish reads: “Ahmadinejad is herding sheep in his village now, not like our politicians taking money from the state after retirement.” What is false in this story? First off, Ahmadinejad does not live in a village; he lives in his house in the Narmak …

YouTube shooter’s online posts: No, she was not a radical Muslim

In the hours after Iranian-born Nasim Aghdam’s shooting attack on the YouTube headquarters, when she wounded three people and killed herself, figures from the pro-Trump alt-right in the US were quick to associate her with radical Islam. But in fact, her own posts suggest she was critical of radical Islam, skeptical of Iran’s religious regime and not a Muslim herself.